Win a jackpot with Meraaot Lotto at All new g club-casino

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Win a jackpot with Meraaot Lotto at All new g club-casino

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1. All new g club-casino is one of the online gambling sites of All new g club-casino is an online casino. That is open for professional service Directly sent from world-famous betting sources There are many gambling games that offer quality betting, sports, fishing, lotto slot, casino games 18+ so you can choose to play the way you want. allnewgclub Let you experience new experiences from us. All new g club-casino gives you unlimited fun. Register now easily, just register a member on our website. All new g club-casino from the top of the website or Line can find us at @all new g club or call 02-508-8798 to contact. Register directly with us every day. Minimum deposit is only 100 baht. Get free bonus immediately. Secure withdrawal - fast transfer with 24-hour daily service at lotto at All new club. We have more than 34 games to choose from in the Lotto category to give you a new experience. Choose your favorite game and start playing. Just you are a gamer. Have positive emotions And with only a small amount of money, you can win at All new g club-casino. There are all kinds of online lottery. Just click and enter your favorite numbers. Then start to get started

2. Meraaot Lotto at All new g club-casino Lotto game that is very popular. Because there are 2 prizes to win at the same time And there are also Mega Prizes that have a total of 6 predictions and predictions Mega Ball is valid for 1 number. How to play Just select 6 numbers from both 42 numbers and 1 extra ball number. There are 8 awards. The number can be drawn. allnewgclub Match 6 numbers and corresponding ball numbers Will receive an award MegaPrice Jackpot Which has twice the prize from regular prizes By dividing the prize money by the following numbers

Number 6 Mega Ball 1 Get Jackpot
Number 6 Mega Ball 0 Get 1884020 baht
Number 5 Mega Ball 1 Get 875046 baht
Number 5 Mega Ball 0 Received 62326 Baht
Number 4 Mega Ball 1 Get 14429 baht
Number 4 Mega Ball 0 Get 1635 baht
Number 3 Mega Ball 1 Get 1102 baht
Number 3 Mega Ball 0 Get 125 baht

Payment rules Simply select numbers 1 to 42 and add 1 number, 0-9. After that, if you win a prize The winning prize will be paid out immediately after the draw. Conditions of payment Jackpot will be evaluated individually. Table showing estimated winnings The final prize value will be assessed by the result of the draw and the number of tickets sold and the winning draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday at 22:40 hrs.

3. All new g club-casino will help open the exciting online gambling experience and bring you to find what you want, with the website All new g club-casino providing quality services. allnewgclub And always answering questions and providing services through communication channels, web pages, all new clubs, casino e-mail, customer service, experienced team Special promotions Register for membership at our website, All new g club-casino from the top of the website or Line. Find us at @allnewgclub or call 02-508-8798 to contact our members directly every day. Minimum deposit is only 100 baht. Get free bonus immediately. Safe. Withdraw-Fast transfer. Available 24 hours a day.

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